Try the Pod at Home

Our tubeless Pod allows you to go about your life with fewer interruptions than more traditional methods of insulin delivery. Try it out for yourself with our free sample Pod1.  This non-functioning, needle-free sample Pod allows you to experience what it might feel like to wear the tubeless device without injecting yourself.  It provides you with an idea of the size, the weight, how it affixes to your body and where you can place it.   
Just apply the sample Pod wherever an insulin injection would normally be administered. Wear it for up to three days2 (as you would with a functioning Pod) to get a feel for it without injecting or receiving insulin. The sample Pod also comes with a brochure that helps you to understand how the Omnipod® Insulin Management System works.

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Please note that you should speak with your diabetes healthcare professional to assess your suitability for the Omnipod® System.

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